Panther Brook Spiritual Center Procedures



Welcome to Panther Brook Spiritual Center property – offering rest, relaxation, and the renewal of the spiritual life. Visitors to Panther Brook Spiritual Center property are expected to adhere to the following procedures:

1. Call Emerson Brooking (706-754-7488) between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. and let us know you are planning to visit the Center property. If  no one answers the phone, just leave a message telling us who you are,  how many people are with you, when you are visiting, and a contact  telephone number.

2. Have everyone sign the Hold Harmless Agreement, which releases us from any liability should injury occur. If children are under eighteen years of age, parents or guardians must sign for them. The  Hold Harmless Agreement, Brochures, Trail Maps, and Procedures may be  found at the Center (1000 Panther Brook Lane) or under the bucket on the  concrete table at the end of Gibson Road (900 Gibson Road).

3. No illegal drugs, alcohol, guns, or hunting are allowed on Panther Brook Spiritual Center property.

4. Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.

5. Before using a hammock, inspect the hammock and ropes to ensure that their integrity is sound. The safest way to enter a hammock is to straddle it, placing it between your legs. Then reach behind you and open the netting, sit and then lie down. Pull the sides of the hammock around you.

6. Please be aware that some people using the trail system have taken a vow of silence for the day. If  you encounter someone who does not talk to you, that person is not  being rude but rather trying to maintain this vow of silence.

7. There are eleven sites along the stream for meditation/prayer. Each site has a chair. If you encounter someone in one of these sites, please do not disturb or join that person. Spending time alone in the forest can be an extremely beneficial, healing, spiritual experience.

Site #10, Panther Brook Falls, can accommodate several people and feel free to join anyone there.